• Management Classes

    • Employment Law Overview & Best Practices -  This course offers participants a working knowledge of employment law. Supervisors are introduced to laws regulating employment in order to enhance confidence in handling employment issues. Participants will also learn when to partner with their Human Resources Manager for additional guidance. By raising a supervisor's level of knowledge of the laws and regulations, the potential for litigation is lessened.
    • Conducting Employee Discipline Meetings with Confidence - This course provides supervisors with tools and techniques for modifying employee actions within the workplace. Participants will learn the value and skills necessary to coach employees towards company and personal goals, as well as the ability to apply effective progressive discipline. Participants will discover how to give honest, specific and timely feedback -- the most important element in an effective employee performance.
    • Employee Engagement Employee Engagement focuses on the fundamentals of successful employee coaching and developing a more engaged workplace. This course is designed for managers and leaders who wish to cultivate and develop a truly engaged workplace. Employees that are committed, competent, and engaged are a most valuable resource. The participant will learn tools and tactics on how to engage and inspire employees to produce their very best work.
    • Developing Your Employee Orientation - New hire orientation is important to the long-term success of an employee and an organization. In this seminar, you will learn the best recommended practices for the content of orientations, as well as the recommended adult learning principles.
    • Preventing Workplace Harassment  - Participants will gain an understanding of how to recognize harassing behaviors and avoid them, identify the difference between harassment and bullying, distinguish the boundaries between work and social environments, improve the proficiency of employees who handle harassment complaints, and understand how to begin the investigation process.
    • Document! Document! Document! What Does HR Really Mean? -  This course will take the mystique out of the word "documentation" and explain that how to document employee actions is even more important than the "document! document! document!" directives. Participants will learn that inadequate documentation can create as much liability as having no documentation at all and useful tips and guidance in enhancing their documentation processes.
    • Customer Service, How to WOW! -  Discuss how proactive customer service helps retain customers and also enhances team members' work experience. This highly interactive course touches on both telephone and in-person service to help cultivate the entire customer service experience. This course also helps team members put themselves in the customer's place to create a "what kind of service would I want" mentality.
    • Employee Performance Evaluations - Often times, conducting performance reviews is outside a supervisor's comfort zone. This course will provide information, tips and applications that will make the process easier, more comfortable and more effective in producing real employee performance improvement.
    • Legal Update - This course will discuss current changes in employment law that affect small to medium size businesses. Featured are recent decisions of the United States Supreme Court cases. Participants will gain the knowledge to implement the lessons of those decisions to avoid legal exposure.
  • Safety Seminars

    • Risk Management Seminar Safety Pays - In today's fast-paced work environments, productivity is a critical measurement for supervisors, management, or corporate leadership. Did you know that safe work processes play a major role in improving efficiency and productivity? This seminar will discuss the effects of workplace injuries, poor work processes, and non-compliance and how they affect the bottom line. Poorly designed work environments lead to many wastes such as time, material, excess inventories, and excessive material handling to name just a few. Injury and illness prevention programs, residual risk reduction (3R's), lean, and kaizen are just a few strategies that can be used to abate these risks. During this seminar attendees will learn how to apply these strategies by completing exercises.
    • Fire Prevention and Protection - This seminar is a combination of classroom and hands on training. Participants will achieve an understanding of the OSHA standards for Fire Prevention, Means of Egress, and Fire Extinguisher requirements as they pertain to the workplace.
    • Adult First Aid, CPR & AED for the Workplace, Individuals and Schools - This is an American Red Cross course designed for lay responders. Participants will be trained how to respond in emergency situations as well as how to recognize and care for life-threatening respiratory or cardiac emergencies in adults. This 7-hour course (including breaks) is designed to provide the lay responder with knowledge and skills necessary to help sustain life, minimize pain, and the consequences of injury and/or sudden illness until professional medical help arrives. Participants who successfully complete the course requirements will be provided with American Red Cross certification cards for Adult CPR, AED, and First Aid. Certification is valid for two years. Additionally, participants will have access to free online digital refreshers.
  • Online Training

    Log in and Learn!  Are you unable to attend our seminars in person? You and your staff have access to our *free computer based training right at your desktop.  Landrum is pleased to partner with Training Today to offer HR Compliance & Workplace Safety courses.  This flexibility allows all levels of employees and management to learn at their own pace.  All courses include content testing and course tracking. 

    HR Training Topics
    • Team Building
    • Customer Service
    • Effective Communication
    • Business Ethics
    • Coaching for Employee Success
    • Stress Management
    • HIPAA
        Workplace Safety
    • Emergency Action and Fire Prevention
    • Avoiding Back Injuries
    • Preventing Slip, Trip, and Fall Injuries
    • Working in Hot Conditions
    • Working Safely Outdoors

    * Online training is provided exclusively to Landrum Professional Employer Services clients.  

  • Leadership Development Certification Series

    Successfully maneuvering your team through ups and downs can be one of the greatest challenges in your business. This series is a specific selection of foundational management courses designed to enhance leadership skills for all levels of supervisory experience, including those new to the supervisor role, as well as the experienced manager looking to further develop leadership skills. The following five classes can be taken in no particular order over a rolling two years.

    • Preventing Workplace Harassment
    • Employment Law Overview & Best Practices
    • Risk Management
    • Conflict Management for Leaders
    • Conducting Employee Discipline Meetings with Confidence

    * Unless otherwise noted, training seminars are free to our clients

  • Workshops

    Brought to you by our Consulting Services, the following collection of supplemental workshops can be tailored to your specific business needs. Pricing for the following workshops may vary depending on the length of the seminar, number of attendees, and specific training needs.

    • Myers-Briggs Team Building - In this workshop participants utilize the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator to learn effective communication, individual strengths, and how to use that knowledge to build a stronger team.
    • Making the Workplace Safer - This safety training can be tailored for a specific workplace environment to address various workplace safety subjects.
    • Strategic Planning - In our strategic planning process, we help you articulate visions, identify goals, establish measurable outcomes, and build in accountability. We help you drill down to what is important, then embody that into a one page document to help keep those priorities at the forefront. It’s a plan we use ourselves, so it's a system we believe in.
    • Customer Service Excellence - Proactive customer service not only helps retain customers, but also enhances team members’ work experience. This highly interactive seminar touches on both telephone and in-person service to help cultivate the entire customer service experience.
    • Diversity in the Workplace - Exploring the many facets of workplace diversity, attendees will discover the benefits of acknowledging and developing strategies for working with people from different generations. Also discussed is the diversity of personalities and how different personalities perceive the workplace.
    • Retaining and Motivating Top Talent - This course outlines the top factors of why good employees remain with an employer and the vital role managers play in employee retention. This course also provides questions managers should ask their good employees before they think about looking elsewhere for a job. Managers learn how improving their own performance can have a profound impact on reducing employee turnover.
    • Workplace Communication - The changing business environment demands that employees on all levels master the principles of etiquette in order to avoid the serious ramifications of inappropriate behavior, poor judgment, or cultural insensitivity.  Participants will learn to identify and avoid common etiquette pitfalls, gain the competitive advantage, and build a strong rapport with clients and customers.