Why Use a PEO?

Our goal at Landrum Professional is to help increase profitability, remove complexities while assisting you, the business owner, in focusing on what you do best – building and operating your company.

Landrum Professional Employer Services, Inc. was the first Florida PEO accredited by the Employer Services Assurance Corporation (ESAC) (view video), an indication of the professionalism we bring to the table in helping you build a relationship with your employees. By taking advantage of the broad range of services offered by Landrum Professional, from customer surveys and insurance administration to payroll and a full range of professional training seminars, you can minimize problems, maximize solutions and build and retain the quality workforce needed to succeed.

We give you the tools to respond in a job market where you may feel your company is not large enough to effectively compete. By partnering with Landrum Professional you gain HR flexibility while retaining complete control. Shifting employee management responsibilities and liabilities to Landrum Professional allows you to concentrate on and gain more command of the essential revenue-generating aspects of your businesses.

From health, dental and vision care to retirement savings plans, Landrum Professional's services will give your employees a sense of financial security, a safe working environment and other opportunities they may only identify with larger companies. That sense of confidence allows workers to concentrate on the important things, things like productivity. And that sense of confidence allows workers to concentrate on important things like productivity.

And in a changing workplace environment where adherence to federal, state and local rules and regulations is a necessity, Landrum Professional can provide the expertise and the needed coverage to ensure the best workplace for employers and employees alike.