What Sets Us Apart

Personalized service is what sets Landrum Professional apart from other employer services. We're not some faceless 800-number but a dedicated team of experts giving you one-on-one attention. A HR professional, someone whose name you know and who will know yours, will lead a team that understands your company's individual needs.

Our goal is to help maximize your Return On Investment (ROI) thereby increasing profitability, removing complexities and assisting you, the business owner, in focusing on what you do best – building and operating your company.

In partnering with Landrum Professional to take advantage of their broad range of services you retain complete control while gaining HR flexibility. In a market where you feel your company may not be large enough to effectively compete, Landrum gives you the tools to succeed.

Landrum Professional Employer Services, Inc. was the first Florida PEO accredited by the Employer Services Assurance Corporation (ESAC) (view video), an indication of the professionalism we bring to the table.

From health, dental and vision care to retirement savings plans the services provided by Landrum Professional will give your employees a sense of financial security, a safe working environment and other opportunities many identify only with larger companies. With that sense of confidence workers can concentrate on important things like productivity.

Accredited By ESAC