Focus Groups & Employee Surveys

Just as it is sometimes hard to see the forest for the trees, so it is often difficult for an employer to determine the nature of their employment issues. You may sense a morale problem but not be able to determine its cause. You might believe your employees are dissatisfied with their pay or benefits but not really know. You might assume your supervisors are doing a great job motivating your employees but are unable to measure whether your assumption is true.

These are the types of "soft," difficult-to-define issues that Landrum Consulting can help reduce to get hard, manageable facts. Our focus groups peel back the layers to reveal what employees are really thinking. And should there be problems, Landrum Consulting provides feedback and clear-cut recommendations to eliminate those problems.

For larger employee groups, Landrum Consulting can utilize its data to develop a customized employee survey addressing the issues important to both employers and employees.